Wyoming will be the 44th state with a lottery.

Last month Wyoming legalized having a state lottery, becoming the 44th state to have a lottery.

In 2012, the states that had a lottery made more than $19 billion in profits. States with lotteries have the potential to make billions in revenue. Wyoming wanted to cash in on the potential benefits provided by lotteries and chose to legalize a state lottery with a few stipulations.

Wyoming’s modest proposal does not allow scratch-offs or electronic video lottery games. Critics believe Wyoming will suffer by not allowing scratch-offs, since a large percentage of lottery revenue comes directly from scratch-offs.

It is unusual for a state to not legalizing instant games while still allowing a lottery. Wyoming will join North Dakota being the only states without state lotteries.

So what will the lottery mean for Wyoming?

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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