Woman picks winning numbers too late

One California woman experienced the ultimate let down when she picked the winning numbers too late for the $360 million Powerball drawing.

Watching the Powerball drawing with your ticket in hand is an exciting feeling. As each number is drawn, your dreams either become closer or further. For one California woman, her dreams were achieved, only to realize her perfect ticket was for the wrong drawing.

Margit Arrobio bought 5 tickets for the $360 million drawing on Tuesday night. After watching the drawing, Arrobio was excited all her numbers matched, then suddenly struck down when she saw that no one had won.

After calling the gas station she purchased her ticket at, Arrobio discovered the awful truth. Arrobio had bought her ticket after 8:00pm PST. The deadline for Powerball tickets in California is 8:00pm, exactly one hour before the drawing.

Each state has a different cut off time for lottery sales. Most states cut off sales one hour before the drawing is scheduled to air. Unfortunately, even if you are too late by just one minute, you are not eligible for the current drawing.

To avoid being too late to win big, make sure to see when the cut off time is for Powerball and other lottery drawings in your state.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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