WMS Industries Inc acquired by Scientific Games

The game operators Scientific Games have acquired the slot machine manufacturing company WMS Industries Inc.

WMS Industries Incorporated is the third largest slot machine manufacturing company in the United States. They provide video and slot style games for the casino industry, and have recently begun offering more types of games. Recently, WMS has branched into offering social and interactive style games in an attempt to broaden their game offerings. WMS began in 1943, and has provided video games for the casino industry since 1990. It has become a leader in the industry, and has continued to provide fun ways to win for all casino-lovers.

In an a $1.5 billion acquisition deal, slot manufacturers WMS Industries are not a subsidiary of game operating company Scientific Games. For motnhs, Scientific Games has actively been looking to acquire a company to help it gain a foothold in the slot machine industry. the deal with WMS will provide savings and growth for both companies, with Scientific Games already predicting an increase in their quarterly estimates. This deal will allow Sci Games to control WMS as well as utilize their slot gaming systems. The Federal Trading Commission signed off on the merging of the companies in March, allowing for Scientific Games to gain its access to the slot world.

Scientific Games provides gaming operations for various United States lotteries. Scientific Games operates in over 50 countries, and in numerous state lotteries, providing gaming systems and marketing for the different lotteries. Scientific Games offers instant ticket manufacturing, lottery gaming systems, branded games, operations management, video gaming management, gaming machines, and betting terminals for multiple lotteries. With the new deal with WMS, Scientific Games will be able to add slot machines to their laundry list of offerings, making them a leading gaming operations company for lotteries as well as open them up to casinos and other betting outlets.

The new deal between Scientific Games and WMS Industries Incorporated will allow both companies to save money in advertising and operating by working together to bring people more ways to play games and win money and prizes.


All images and information courtesy of Scientific Games and WMS Industries Inc.

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