What’s next for Powerball

After a record breaking drawing, what can Powerball expect for the future of the game? What’s next for America’s lottery?

In the wake of the highest recorded Powerball jackpot, Powerball is expecting for high numbers to become a common occurrence. In 2012, Powerball went through a company wide overhaul in an attempt to provide a more positive experience for customers. The change included adding more ways to win, and easier ways to play. The change included the ticket price to raise from $1 to $2. Although the price change was not immediately well-received, the price increase allowed for higher prize payouts and more benefits for states.

The change also increased the minimum jackpot amount. Before 2012, the Powerball jackpot would automatically start at $20 million. Now, the multi-state game begins at $40 million, and grows by a minimum of $10 million for each drawing. The smaller prizes also increased. Match 5 winners now receive $1 million from Powerball, making the current payout 5 times as high as before the revamp, which was $200,000 for Match 5. The revamp also increased the chances of winning from 1 in 195 million to 1 in 175 million, making people more excited for the increased odds.

In April 2013, California joined Powerball, making it the 43rd state to host the game. After a record high jackpot in November 2012, California wondered what’s next, and signed to add Powerball. The state of California counts for 12% of the United States population. This has increased the amount of money spent on tickets, which influences the growth of the jackpot. Since California joined Powerball, the jackpot grew at a rate of 10% higher than previous drawings.

So what’s next for America’s Lottery? With more players, more ways to win, and higher jackpots already happening, Powerball expects jackpot to keep growing. The addition of California has already shown its possible impact on the game. This, along with the changes to improve the game, promise for record high jackpots to become a regular occurrence.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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