What can you do with your Powerball winnings?

With a base jackpot of $40 million, Powerball offers the possibility to literally change your life. But exactly what can you change?

If you are lucky enough to get all the numbers right, you can easily win millions of dollars, whether you choose lump sum or annual payments. After receiving your winnings, the most important question to answer: how do I spend all of this?

Most lottery winners choose to spend their winnings to help get their families into a comfortable setting and use the money in modest ways to just fulfill a few small dreams.

Some lottery winners, however, choose more extravagant ways to spend their winnings. Just in case you win tonight, here are some fun ways to be extravagant with your millions:

  • For a modest $3.9 million, you could buy the Lamborghini Veneno. This car is so exclusive, only 3 were made by manufacturers. With this car you could truly have unequalled luxury, alongside enormous insurance payments.
  • For merely $65,000 you could spend one night at the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. This hotel room comes with panoramic views of Lake Geneva and Mount Blanc, bulletproof doors and windows, 12 rooms, a fitness center, library, billiard room, and a private elevator. Perfect vacation for the rich and slightly paranoid.
  • You could spend only $25,000 on the world’s most expensive ice cream sundae at Serendipity in New York City. The Frrrozen Haute Chocolate sundae blends 28 of the most expensive chocolates, and was made in partnership with Euphoria New York jewelers. The sundae is decorated with edible 23-karat gold and served in a gold lined goblet with a gold, diamond encrusted spoon. You get to keep the spoon!

While these purchases are a fun way to indulge, we recommend spending your lottery winnings wisely. Be sre to tune in tonight at 11:00pm EST for the live Powerball drawings on your smartphone with Shoutz. Tonight’s jackpot is set at $80 million. Just think of what you could buy!

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

The LotteryHUB News team collaborated to provide this article for our readers. As always, good luck with your next bet! We’re always here to keep you on top of your game.