What can you buy with $425 million?

With the Powerball jackpot at its third highest point in history, just how much can you get with $425 million?

From cars to houses to vacations and more, everyone fantasizes about the fantastic things they can buy with a large lottery jackpot. The current Powerball jackpot is set at $425 million, making it the third highest Powerball jackpot since the game’s inception. That gives people 425 million reasons to start fantasizing about what to buy.

But what about everyday items? How many Skittles can you get with $425 million? How many pairs of sunglasses could you put into your collection? And how big of a wall would you need for all the TVs you could buy?

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If you’re extremely hungry, you could find the nearest Subway and order 85,000,000 $5 Footlong, giving you enough sandwiches to feed California twice.

Get an extreme caffeine boost from Starbucks and order 8,985,200 of their most expensive drink, the Quadriginoctuple Frap at $47.03 each. That would give you more than8 million drinks you can’t pronounce.

If you are more of a soda fan, $425 million can get you 785,219,376 cans of Coca Cola.

To satisy your Powerball-sized chocolate craving, you could buy 42,514,170 pounds of Oreos. However, you might need to get some milk as well.

If your dream is to taste the rainbow in all its glory, you could buy a whopping 425,851,700 pounds of Skittles. That would give you approximately 181,838,675,900 Skittles candies. You could fill more than 72 Olympic sized pools with that delicious rainbow.

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If you would rather buy something that can carry all your things, you could afford 7,727,272 Northface Jester Backpacks.

To get yourself running in style, you could get 4,250,000 pairs of Nike Free running shoes. With that many shoes you could run like Forrest Gump.

To test out the new online ordering at H&M, you could order 10,638,297 pairs of Men’s or Women’s jeans. You would never have to wash your jeans again, but you would need a bigger closet.

If comfort and fashion is your style, $425 million can get you 408,811,075 Hanes T-Shirts, which conveniently come in packs of 6.

To block the sun in style, Ray Ban Wayfarers are only $200 a pair. This gives you the option to buy 212,500 pairs of cool shades.

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If you want to download the LotteryHUB app as many times as possible, you could head to T-Mobile and buy 708,333 Samsung Galaxy S4 or 655,864 iPhone 5, all at full retail price.

If gaming is your thing, the Xbox 360 with Kinect costs only $399 giving you the chance to buy 1,065,162 consoles for you and the cities of Tucson, AZ and Albuquerque, NM combined.

To get ahead of the game, literally, you could preorder 1,062,526 PlayStations 4, giving you the chance to play millions of times before anyone else.

To have the ultimate TV watching experience, buy 170,068 70” Sony Flat Screen TVs. This would give you 2,675,027 square feet of TV watching fun. That is approximately 232 times the size of the screen at AT&T Cowboys Stadium.


Whenever you win the lottery, how you spend your money is up to you. You can take one of our suggestions for fun in bulk, or buy something with a bigger price tag. However you plan to spend your winnings, you can’t win unless you play.

Make sure to buy your Powerball tickets for the $425 million drawing tonight at 11:00pm EST. Download the free LotteryHUB app for Apple or Android to watch the drawing on the go. And get ready to jump into 72 pools of Skittles, or see what 2,675,027 square feet of TV screens look like.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

The LotteryHUB News team collaborated to provide this article for our readers. As always, good luck with your next bet! We’re always here to keep you on top of your game.