Washington Lottery budget cuts bring more scratch-off sales

While most budget cuts result in cutting corners and losing a little, the Washington Lottery has seen their efforts benefit with increased scratch-off sales.

In an effort to better meet and understand their customer’s needs, the Washington Lottery hired a team of financial representatives, operations representatives, sales experts, marketing members and information services. The team was asked to find ways to optimize the scratch-off distribution to make it more focused on customer experience. The team focused to find ways to cut costs and avoid waste by looking into how to get the right product in the right place at the right time.

Retailers used to have a basic ticket dispensing machine with multiple slots to display the offered scratch-off tickets. But Lottery officials knew each retailer had a different cliental and some tickets were more popular in some areas than others. After 8 months of research, the Washington Lottery unveiled a new way to sell scratch-off tickets and increase efficiency.


The new system allows retailers to select the tickets that are a better match for their stores. This enables lottery retailers to have the tickets their customers want as opposed to just offering every ticket or a random grouping. This helped the Washington Lottery cut costs by printing less unnecessary tickets and meeting the direct needs of their customers.

The efforts have proven extremely successful. Since the budget cuts were put in place, the Washing ton Lottery has increased scratch-off sales by as much as $30 million, making it the best year in the lottery’s history.

To see all the scratch-off games offered by the Washington Lottery, check out their website.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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