Utah is surrounded by Powerball, but Utah doesn’t play

Wyoming recently passed a law allowing the state to begin establishing Powerball lottery drawings. This now leaves Utah all alone, surrounded by Powerball-playing states. Utah residents can leave the state in any direction now to buy lottery tickets, but still can’t get tickets in their own state.

Utah’s population is made of a high Mormon influence, as well as other conservative groups. These groups do not believe gambling to be a good outlet, and therefore Utah does not have any casinos or established lottery system. However, a lottery system could help raise money for the state.

The Utah Foundation is looking to find ways to help education and transportation in the state. Since state lottery systems send proceeds directly to government enterprises, these two organizations could easily be helped without having to raise state taxes.

With any sort of gambling, there is the risk of addiction. If Utah, or any state, looks to implement a lottery system (or already has one established), the lottery helps give guidance to those who become addicted.

So why should Utah join the Powerball nation? While gambling can be a gamble to establish, lottery ticket sales can help benefit a state in more ways than one. All those driving out of the state for lottery tickets will now be able to spend their money in their own state and benefit their businesses. Time to join the fun and play Powerball.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

The LotteryHUB News team collaborated to provide this article for our readers. As always, good luck with your next bet! We’re always here to keep you on top of your game.