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June 28, 2013 – The last full week in June was an exciting one, as we welcomed the first week of summer, saw a “supermoon” and some lucky lottery fans across the world got very, very rich.

The first Saturday of summer gave one South Philadelphia Powerball player 131 million reasons to celebrate, as they proved this writer’s predictions for a long Powerball run completely wrong and matched all six numbers last Saturday night.

That ticket was bought at Federal Beer, a Pennsylvania beer distributor owned by Gary Patel, who, like the rest of the neighborhood, hopes the winner was local.

One ecstatic customer interviewed after the win was especially forthcoming, telling a local news reporter that she was “about to find a new cousin.”

Across the Atlantic from that big winner, two happy but anonymous Euromillions winners split a near-record jackpot Tuesday, raking in about €94 million each – about $121.5 million in U.S. money.

One ticket was sold in County Dublin, Ireland, and the whereabouts of the Belgian winner have been shrouded in mystery since the announcement Wednesday morning.

In Mega Millions news, nobody has won the jackpot in the past six drawings, yet almost 30 people have won the second-tier prize of $250,000 or more, depending on whether they decided to buy the Megaplier option.

In California, the fact that the state doesn’t offer the Megaplier option didn’t stop one winner from raking in three times the normal second-tier amount, as California’s pari-mutuel system paid out just under $730,000 for that second-tier win.

Ahead of tonight’s Mega Millions drawing, the jackpot sits at $61 million, so don’t forget to get your tickets before someone else claims the big prize!

On the business side of the lottery, officials in Florida have identified a new scam attempting to steal personal information from lottery players.

The scam is being carried out under the name ““Lotto Claims Associate & Sweepstake Inc.” Read more about the scam and how to protect yourself against any lottery scams here.

In happier lottery business news, both the Georgia Lottery and the Nebraska Lottery kicked off year-long 20th anniversary celebrations this week, celebrating billions of dollars returned to state programs.

In a particularly emotional speech thanking those who worked with him to create the Georgia Lottery, former Gov. Zell Miller went off script to tell everyone present at an anniversary ceremony how much he loved them.

Miller also said it was hard to believe, 20 years later, how much success the HOPE scholarship program he had dreamed of had made.

COLD BEER HERE...ICE COLD BEER!  Baseball and beer, a pairing celebrated by fans and Lotteries alike

COLD BEER HERE…ICE COLD BEER! Baseball and beer, a pairing celebrated by fans and Lotteries alike

And finally, we reported on some awesome promotions being offered by lotteries across the U.S. this week, my personal favorites including one of summer’s best duos – beer and baseball.

The Oregon Lottery will be help Oregonians cool off in the summer heat at the Oregon Brewers Festival, where more than 80 national craft brewers will be showing off – and sharing – their tasty creations.

The Oregon Lottery’s Pop-Up crew will be there offering free video lottery play and conducting drawings for prizes – check it out!

And the Minnesota Lottery announced that it would be teaming up with the MLB’s Twins to offer 145 chances to win free tickets, including 5 chances to attend the entire All-Star Weekend, and 10 chances at tickets for the All-Star game alone.

All 15 of those winners, and their guests, will be put up in the lavish new Radisson Blu Mall of America location, paid for by the Lottery, and will get some spending cash for their All-Star vacations.

Thanks for checking in with the LotteryHUB Weekly Review, and be sure to check in tomorrow for updates on your favorite lottery games, a recap of tonight’s Mega Millions drawing, and tomorrow night’s live Powerball drawing.

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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013