The lottery in college

Winning the lottery can change your college experience, but is it worth the risk?

It is not a secret that winning the lottery can improve your life in multiple ways, but how can it improve the life of a student? Lotteries in the United states have a long relationship with education, and want college age adults to enjoy the games as well.

Lotteries and education

In the United States, each state with a lottery chooses a part of the government to benefit from lottery sales. In a large number of states, this money goes directly to help education. In Texas alone, the Texas Lottery put $1.1 billion back towards education in the 2012 fiscal year. Texas, along with multiple other state lotteries, believe that education is important to help shape our future and prepare students for college and their futures.

Lotteries in College

Although most students refer to themselves as a “broke college student,” people in college are known to have a large amount of disposable income. Most college students spend the majority of their money on food, alcohol, technology, and entertainment. Although they are usually only getting paid a minimum amount from a part time jobs, most college students utilize their money for fun activities. These activities, however, rarely involve lotteries.

Most college students avoid playing lottery games because they do not view them as a smart way to spend money. They stand behind a fear of gambling addiction as well as low winning odds to justify against playing the game. However, there are ways college students can benefit from using their expendable income for a few tickets.┬áMost students expect a large, terrifying amount of student loans and debt after graduation. These students could easily lower those costs with one big win. One recent college winner received over $300,000 from a scratch-off. She believes it is okay to take the gamble, but make sure you don’t let it influence funds needed for necessities.


Playing the lottery is by no means a guaranteed income or a definite way to pay off debts. However, if played with a smart outlook and attitude, a winning ticket can help contribute to student loans, or just adding to fun expenses for college students. College itself is like playing the lottery: You need to pick the right combination of classes and professors in order to benefit the most in the end.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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