Tennessee Has First Hot Lotto Jackpot Winner

Oct. 16, 2013 – The Tennessee Lottery this week announced that the first jackpot-winning Hot Lotto ticket in the state won a $2.2 million jackpot prize last Saturday.

The jackpot winner, who has not yet come forward to claim the $2.2 million cash prize, matched the numbers 4, 14, 28, 39, 46, and the Hot Ball, 2, on Saturday’s drawing.  The winning ticket was sold in Dyersburg, Tenn.

Normally, a $2.2 million prize would be a before-tax figure – but not with Hot Lotto.  This lucky Tennessee winner will take a picture with a giant check for $2.2 million, and then actually walk out the door with $2.2 million!

Ok, so it takes a little longer than a quick stop at the Lottery’s headquarters to get the prize money, but soon after claiming the jackpot prize, the winner will see quite the spike in his or her bank account.

That’s because Hot Lotto is a cash-jackpot, taxes-paid game.  The jackpot prize isn’t an annuity, like Powerball or Mega Million.  Instead, the advertised jackpot number is the cash prize that you’ll receive after taxes are withheld.

Hot Lotto is now played in 16 states, since the Tennessee Lottery began offering the game in early May.  The jackpots for the multi-state game average about $5 or $6 million, but Tennessee’s lucky winner probably doesn’t mind the (relatively) lower prize.

After all, there’s a special extra prize along with more than $2 million – the ability to say “I was first.”


*Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly reported the jackpot amount as $1.97 million.  The actual amount presented to the winners was $2.2 million.

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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013