See statewide fireworks from the Illinois Lottery

After the success of their Fourth of July Millionaire Raffle, the Illinois Lottery is sponsoring Fourth of July fireworks all over the state for everyone to enjoy.

In honor of The United states independence, the Illinois Lottery sponsored a Fourth of July Millionaire Raffle, which ends this Thursday, July 4, when the two $1 million winners will be announced. The competition featured 1776 total prizes, in honor of the year of our independence.

To add to the celebration, the Illinois Lottery added 500 Official and authentic Chicago Blackhawks Jerseys to the plethora of prizes. This addition follows the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup for the 2012-13 season, making it their 15th championship win since the franchise began in 1926. These 500 Blackhawks jerseys will be awarded following the drawing on July 4.

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In honor of the Fourth of July Millionaire Raffle, the 2013 NHL Champion Blackhawks, and the date of American Independence, the Illinois Lottery is sponsoring 6 separate fireworks shows throughout the state. The fireworks shows will take place in Batavia, Champaign, Chicago, Harvey, Rockford, and Roselle. Each show will feature spectacular fireworks displays from local companies that guarantee to light up the night sky.

Last year, many  cities could not enjoy fireworks, due to either budget restraints or dry weather. When the air is too dry or arid, many states and counties prohibit fireworks in order to prevent fires from starting. This year, weather conditions are more agreeable, which allows for the show to go on.

The Illinois Lottery will provide help with some shows to help them be even more awe-inspiring, as far as other cities, the Illinois Lottery is giving them fireworks shows in places where they would not be able to afford it.

For more information on the Illinois Lottery or their strive to make all things possible in the state of Illinois, check out their website. And look out for the fireworks on July 4!

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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