See Dogs Playing Poker with the Minnesota Lottery

When you play the Minnesota Lottery Dogs Playing Poker scratch-off, you have more chances to win and be one of the big dogs.

Everyone has seen the iconic C.M. Coolidge paintings of dogs acting like humans and enjoying a poker game. Now bring that painting to reality with the Minnesota Lottery and their new Dogs Playing Poker scratch-off game.

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The new $5 game gives players a chance to run with the big dogs, boasting a top prize of $100,000. The overall odds of winning are 1 in 3.73, with 4 possible top prize winners. The game is set up like a real poker game and players must scratch the “3 Player’s” and “champion’s” cards to reveal 2 cards each. Then the player scratches the “Community” to reveal 5 cards. Then try to make the best 5 card hand for each “Player” and “Champion” to win the prize shown for each player.

If you’re not lucky playing this poker inspired scratch-off, you can enter through your Lucky MN account for a second chance to win.The Grand prize for second chance is $5,0000 plus a leather duffel bag, leather jacket, travel case, deluxe poker set, clock, DVD, and a watch set. There are 4 drawings along with the fifth Grand Prize drawing on Nov 19, 2013. The next three drawings are July 9, Aug 13, Sept 17, and Oct 22.

To enter, log into your Lucky MN account and enter the 10-digit validation number on the front of your non-winning ticket.

For morei nformation, go to the Dogs Playing Poker site, and maybe you will be one lucky dog!

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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