Scam targeting Wisconsin Lottery players

Some Wisconsin Lottery players have been scammed, and the Wisconsin Lottery wants to warn players how to avoid begin scammed by any company claiming to be associated with the lottery.

In a scam similar to the one that recently emerged in Florida, the Wisconsin Lottery is warning players against giving any personal information out from companies claiming to be associated with the lottery.

The scam in question is contacting lottery players stating that they have won a lottery prize and need to give various bits of personal information in order to claim their prize. The person contacting players claims they won a jackpot game associated with the Mega Millions game. This particular game does not exist, and the Wisconsin Lottery is urging players not to believe anyone claiming to be a part of this drawing. The information they ask for includes a fee to claim their prize. The Wisconsin Lottery, as well as other state lotteries, will not require any winners to pay a fee to receive their prize.

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Wisconsin Lottery Director Mike Edmonds warns players to use their judgement if they receive a call out of the blue that claims to be lottery affiliated. The Wisconsin Lottery along with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection want all lottery players to know how to identify a scam from a legitimate message from the Wisconsin Lottery.

Do not accept prizes from drawings or games you did not enter. No state lottery will ask for winners to pay a fee to receive their prize. Lotteries will never ask for bank information, credit card information, or any other personal information over the phone. Lotteries only need identification if you are receiving a prize from lottery offices.

The Wisconsin Lottery wants to remind all players to protect themselves and do not trust any companies who call claiming to be a part of the lottery.

For more information go to the Wisconsin Lottery website.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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