Record-High Match 6 Drawing Just Hours Away

Sept. 30, 2013 – The Pennsylvania Lottery’s Match 6 Lotto jackpot is sitting at it’s highest value ever, $7 million, and the drawing for that massive jackpot is just hours away.

Match 6 Lotto offers Pennsylvania Lottery players the best chance of any game for winning a multi-million jackpot.

Compared to Powerball and Mega Millions, which both have 1 in about 175 million odds of winning the jackpot, Match 6 Lotto offers Pennsylvania players 1 in 4.6 million odds of scoring the jackpot prize.

Tonight’s drawing for the $7 million jackpot beats out the old record, a $6.9 million jackpot that was won March 23, 2007, according to a Pennsylvania Lottery press release.

You can buy Pennsylvania Match 6 Lotto tickets at any of the Pennsylvania Lottery’s retailers, but ticket sales for tonight’s drawing will end at 6:57 p.m., so Pennsylvania Lottery players don’t have much time to waste!

Each Match 6 ticket costs $2, but gives you three chances to win. ¬†For each $2 play you purchase, you’ll get three sets of six numbers, and three chances to win the record-high $7 million prize, as well as any of the game’s 10 other prizes ranging from $2 – $1000.

Pennsylvania’s Match 6 drawings are held Mondays and Thursdays at 6:59p.m., and remember: you can’t win if you don’t play!



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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013