Powerball’s Ultimate Tailgate Winners Chosen

The 200 winners of the Ultimate Tailgate Party Powerball Second Chance promotion have been chosen.

Eighteen states participated in the event, which allowed non-winning Powerball tickets to be entered into the second chance promotion.
The 200 winners will each bring three guests with them to Cleveland, Ohio in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the NFL Hall of Fame.
These lucky winners will get free airfare to Cleveland, four night deluxe room hotel accommodations, and $500 spending cash. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? But that’s not it!
On May 2, once winners arrive in Cleveland, they will get admission into the Hall of Fame Ultimate Tailgate private party event.  Here they have the chance to hang out with Hall of Famers and compete for even more prizes, with winnings up to one million dollars.
On May3-4 winners have tickets to The Hall of Fame Fan Festival. While at the festival they will have the chance to mingle with other NFL enthusiasts and check out some awesome Hall of Fame gear.
If you entered your tickets make sure to check your state’s lottery page, because you could be a winner!


The 18 lotteries participating in the Ultimate Tailgate promotion are:

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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