Powerball jackpot is rising fast

After no one won last night’s Powerball, the jackpot rises to $140 million.

Since Powerball grew to include California, the jackpots have been rising higher, and faster. Before California was added, the jackpot went up on an average in increments of $10 million.

After adding in the California players, the Powerball jackpots have risen at closer to $15 million between each unclaimed jackpot.

So how high will the jackpot rise? And how long will it take? At this rate, lottery players are predicting jackpots to be higher than ever. When California first joined Powerball on April 8, some predicted the jackpot could even reach $1 billion. With 12% of the United states population living in California, it’s no wonder the jackpots are growing faster than ever.

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Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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