Play Multi-State Monopoly Collect and Win Game

Feb 11, 14 Play Multi-State Monopoly Collect and Win Game

Feb. 11, 2014 – Players in five states can play one of the most recognizable and popular games ever made, Monopoly, for a chance to win big cash prizes or even a progressive jackpot.

The Monopoly Collect and Win second chance promotion is being offered by the state lotteries in New York, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio and Arizona.  Players in each state can find the Monopoly Jackpot scratch-off tickets in any lottery retailer.

Each state’s Monopoly Jackpot ticket offers a different top prize, but the tickets cost $5 to play in each state.  Players with non-winning Monopoly Jackpot tickets can enter into the multi-state second chance promotion.

Just like the classic board game, Monopoly Jackpot second chance players want to collect properties for a chance to collect some cash.  Entering a non-winning Monopoly Jackpot ticket will earn players five rolls of the dice in the virtual version of Monopoly.

Players try to land on “property spaces” as they make their way around the virtual game board.  These include railroad spaces, properties, and utilities spaces.

When players land on one of these properties they “collect” the property, and collecting a complete set of properties, i.e. three of the same color, all of the railroads, etc., will earn players a spin of the “Bonus Wheel”.

The Monopoly Collect and Win Bonus Wheel will award players with either an entry into the monthly jackpot drawing or an instant cash prize called a “Property Jackpot.”  Property Jackpots range from $25 to $2,500.

Depending on which properties players have collected, they’ll win a different amount of entries into the monthly jackpot drawing or a different cash prize.  For example, players who collect all four railroad properties can win four to eight entries into the jackpot drawing or a $100 cash prize.

The monthly jackpot prize is a progressive jackpot, and grows with every purchase of one of the $5 Monopoly Jackpot scratch-off tickets.

Each month, the prize will start its climb from $2,500, but players who hit the monthly jackpot could end up with more than $1 million.

As players make their way around the virtual Monopoly game board, they may land on a “Community Chest” or “Chance” space, familiar from the classic board game.  In some cases, landing on these spaces will earn players a Monthly Jackpot multiplier.

Monthly Jackpot multipliers come in two forms: 2x and 10x, and appropriately they’ll double the monthly jackpot prize or multiply it ten-fold.

However, if a player with a 10x monthly jackpot multiplier should win the jackpot, they’re guaranteed a minimum prize worth $1 million – even if the progressive jackpot is less than $100,000 at the end of the month.

That means that, depending on ticket sales for the Monopoly Jackpot games, the monthly jackpot winner could be a multi-millionaire if they’ve got a 10x jackpot multiplier.

This month, players must enter their non-winning Monopoly Jackpot tickets by Feb. 28 for a chance to get in on the monthly drawing.  Players should remember that they’ll need to collect a full set of properties before they can win an entry into the drawing, so it’s best to start collecting early.


For more details from each state lottery, follow the links below to each participating state’s Monopoly Jackpot second chance page:


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Written by Matt Isaacs

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