Play the Holiday Bonus 50/50 Raffle With the Massachusetts Lottery

Beginning Oct. 1, you can enter the Massachusetts Lottery Holiday Bonus 50/50 raffle for a chance to win 50% of all the raffle sales.

Tickets for the Massachusetts Lottery Holiday Bonus Raffle are $10 each, and if you win you will receive half of the ticket sales. This means that if 100 tickets are sold, you will win the sales from half of the tickets, totaling $500. Sales for the Holiday Bonus Raffle begin on Oct. 1 2013 and tickets are available through Dec. 31 2013. The drawing for the grand prize winner will be Jan. 1, 2014.

To play, go to your nearest lottery retailer beginning Oct. 1 and purchase a $10 Holiday Bonus 50/50 Raffle ticket. Tickets will be given in numerical order beginning with the first ticket sold and continuing through Dec. 31 2013. There is not a set number of tickets available, and probability of winning depends on the number of tickets sold.

If you play the Holiday Bonus Raffle, you will also be entered to win Holiday Bonus Wednesday drawings. The Holiday Bonus Wednesdays begin Nov. 6 through Dec. 31, with five winners each week. To play, you must purchase a $10 ticket for the Holiday Bonus Raffle. Holiday Bonus Wednesdays will draw five raffle numbers each week to win $2,000. If your number is drawn for a Holiday Bonus Wednesday drawing, you are still entered into following Wednesday drawings and the final Holiday Bonus Raffle.

Get your tickets early for the chance to win with the Massachusetts Lottery. All selected winners will have one year to claim their prize from the Massachusetts Lottery offices. You must 18 years or older to play with the Massachusetts Lottery.

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Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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