Pay increase for Arkansas Lottery employees

The Arkansas Lottery approved a pay increase for their employees in order to account for the increased cost of living in the state.

Despite a few financial shortfalls this year, the Arkansas Lottery has approved to increase the pay of its 82 employees. Each lottery employee will receive a 2% pay increase due to the rising cost of living.

Along with the cost of living adjustment for all employees, the Arkansas Lottery will award some employees with a merit-based pay increase in circumstances that warrant it.

This is a shock for many, since the Arkansas Lottery has reported lower sales for this fiscal year. The Arkansas Lottery has suffered low sales due to few changes in the past few years since the lottery was implemented in 2009. In an attempt to raise revenue for the next year, the Arkansas Lottery is adding new games and plans to add a raffle game in September 2013.

Despite the low sales, lottery employees will be able to enjoy a pay raise to help them adjust to inflation throughout the state.

The Arkansas Lottery provides scholarships for students entering college throughout the state. This financial assistance helps thousands of students each year attend universities they would not be able to afford otherwise.

The Arkansas Lottery is hopeful for the coming fiscal year and hopes to see higher sales so they can provide higher scholarships and continue to provide their employees with a good standard of living.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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