One man has won the lottery 7 times and is telling you how!

Richard Lustig lives in Florida and has a method to win the lottery that he believes has helped him win 7 times. And with big jackpots, there’s no better time than now to look over his methods.

Lustig has developed a formula that has helped him win over $1 million from the lottery. He believes most people play the lottery wrong because they expect all win and no investment. Lustig says that with any risk you have to invest something. So you pay $1 and win $10, Lustig believes your best bet is to then spend $11 on lottery because at most, you will lose $1. Lustig constantly wins small amounts and uses those to buy more lottery tickets. His method earned him $98,000 in the Florida Fantasy 5 game.

Lustig’s other tips for winning the lottery include how to avoid tragedy if you win. He thinks it is important to save all lottery tickets because if you win, you can write non-winning tickets off of the prize taxes. Also, Lustig confirms that he is a gambler, and enjoys other games like black jack. He lives modestly, rewarding himself from time to time with cars and motorcycles, but he is sure to keep himself responsible about winnings.

Lustig is not guaranteeing anything, and is surely not promising his methods will work for everyone. Lustig has been winning lotteries since 1992, with his prizes totaling over $1 million. He believes his method works and wants to share his tips with others in hopes that they might work for them.

So why not try for yourself? If oyu follow Lustig’s modest methods, what have you got to lose?

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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