Oil Refinery coworkers share $1 million prize

A group of 18 oil refinery workers who call themselves the Road Oil Rangers won $1 million in their office pool from the May 11 drawing.

The 18 men work at the Catlettsburg Refinery in Catlettsburg, KY. The group won with Match 5 on Powerball, matching all but the ever-challengin Power Ball. For the past 15 years, the group has pooled money to play Powerball and Mega Millions in hopes of winning, and as a way to bring camaraderie to the workplace.

Joe Fletcher, one of the co-workers, purchased their ticket at the Shell Food Mart in Ashland, KY and checked the tickets the Sunday after the drawing when he was taking a break for lunch. Fletcher said by the time he read the fifth number he was hyperventilating with excitement. He called his co-workers saying “Boys I think we’ve hit,” and he was correct. The office had won $1 million, totaling approximately $38,000 after taxes.

Each member of the group has different plans for their winnings. Most of the co-workers plan to pay off bills. One co-worker wants to pay for much needed medical expenses, and another is using his winnings to help pay for his two daughters’ college tuition. OVerall, the group is just happy to have won and share their prize with the other oil refinery workers.

Five of the oil refinery workers claimed their prize at the Kentucky Lottery offices. The men were all smiles and ready to accept their winnings.

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Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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