All or Nothing Paying out for Georgia

March 4, 2014 – Georgia Lottery players have probably heard the hype over the Lottery’s newest game, All or Nothing, and the unique style of play that awards prizes to players who are lucky enough to match the winning numbers – or unlucky enough to miss them all.

All or Nothing tickets went on sale Sunday before the game’s first two drawings, the evening and night-time drawings Sunday night.  Next Sunday, players will be able to play in all four regularly-scheduled drawings; the schedule was altered because ticket sales started Sunday morning.

The game has proven instantly popular with players in Georgia though, who in just six drawings – the equivalent of only two days – have won more than $137,000.

With two drawings left today, Monday was the only day since All or Nothing launched that all four drawings have been held.  Over the course of Monday’s four drawings, about 20,000 players won nearly $75,000 in prizes.

Nobody has won the $250,000 top prize, which players win for matching all 12 winning numbers drawn or for matching none of the 12 winning numbers.

Seven players have won All or Nothing’s $500 second prize though, averaging better than one second prize winner per drawing and accounting for $3,500 worth of all the prize money won so far this week.

All or Nothing is a game that has been embraced by players in other states because of its unique style of play.

Players choose 12 numbers between 1 and 24, making the odds of matching some numbers fairly good.  However, prizes are only awarded for matching several or few numbers, and top prizes are just for players who match All or Nothing.

Besides the two $250,000 top prize opportunities, players can also win for matching 1, 2, 3 or 4 numbers, or for matching 8, 9, 10 or 11 numbers.

That makes a total of ten prizes players can win on the new game, and the closer you are to the middle (matching 5, 6, or 7 numbers), the less you’ll win.

To learn more about the new All or Nothing game, check out this post or visit

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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013



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