North Carolina may change funding for education

Lawmakers in North Carolina are considering removing education from being benefitted by the North Carolina Education Lottery

The lottery was set up in 2005, with specific guidelines for how the money is spent. Fifty percent of money from the lotteries goes directly to classrooms and early schooling. Forty percent of the lettery proceeds go to school construction and ten percent goes to scholarships from the North Carolina Lottery.

Last week the North Carolina State Senate passed a budget that strips away money for schools. Since its establishemtn in 2005, the North Carolina Lottery has provided more than $2.69 billion for schools and scholarships throughout the state. With the new propposed budget, this money will stop benefitting students and education alike.

The new budget will not go into effect for two more years, and the North Carolina Lottery assures that they will do al they can to keep their promise to help the state. Since the release of the possible cuts, North Carolina residents have not taken the news well, and believe the lottery needs to continue working in the same way it has to help the state.

The North Carolina Education Lottery may need to change its name if lawmakers stick to their current budget plan.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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