North Carolina man is triple lucky

David Settle is a retired home builder and a serial lottery winner. Since 2010, Settle has won the lottery 3 times.

In 2010, Settle won $3 million. This prize was split with his wife.

In 2011, Settle struck it rich again, winning $100,000 playing the same scratch game! The grand prize for the scratch game, $200 Million Extravaganza, was valued at $200 million.

Most recently, Settle won $100,000 from a scratch off. The grand prize for the scratch off, The Golden Bullion is set at $4 million. After taxes, Settle will receive approximately $68,000.

While most people’s hobbies find them knitting and painting, Settle’s hobby has found him scratching and winning.

Settle’s luck leaves the rest of us thinking: Some people have all the luck, literally.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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