New Jersey Treasurer tells lottery employees not to fear

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is planning to privatize the New Jersey Lottery, which has many lottery employees wondering if they will still have a job.

On Monday April 22, New Jersey Lottery employees expressed their concerns with the plans to move the lottery to private ownership. Their biggest concern: job security.

Within the next few weeks, the New Jersey Lottery is expected to move to private ownership by Northstar New Jersey. Northstar is a new company created in partnership by GTECH and Scientific Games. Northstar has promised to bring more $1 billion in revenue in the next 15 years.

Last week, the State Treasury announced that 63 of the 136 lottery employees could lose their jobs in the move to Northstar. Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff assured employees that there are options and ways to make sure they will still have a job. Sidamon-Eristoff suggests that employees look to move to another position within the government. Northstar plans to revamp the entire lottery and give it a new look. In order to do this, Northstar plans to almost double the lottery staff, giving current employees hopes to keep their jobs. To increase the chance to keep their jobs, Sidamon-Eristoff suggests employees apply directly with Northstar.

Supporters of the move believe private ownership will give the New Jersey Lottery the new exciting personality it needs.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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