New Jersey joins Multi-State Millionaire Raffle

The New Jersey Lottery will join New York, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Oklahoma and Iowa in the upcoming first ever Multi-State Millionaire Raffle

The New Jersey Lottery has been added as the seventh state that will offer the multi-state raffle, and they’ll be calling their version of the game the Halloween Millions Raffle.

Sales will last until Oct. 31. The drawing will be held on Nov. 1. Michigan began selling tickets on Sept. 3 and Ohio will begin selling tickets Sept. 8. Oklahoma tickets will be on sales Sept. 15, and Iowa tickets will be on sale Sept. 22. New York, New Jersey, and Indiana have not released when tickets will be on sale.

The raffle will be played on a pari-mutuel basis. This means the number of winners is determined by the number of entries in the participating states. According to La Fleur’s, they expect at least 15 $1 million winners from the Halloween Millions Raffle. Each state has a guaranteed $50,000 prize for players if there is not a $1 million winner in the state. All other prizes will be worth $1 million, and the number of prizes will be determined by the number of entries. The Halloween Millions Raffle promises higher odds at winning $1 million, and there will not be any prizes lower than the $50,000.

This is the first raffle of its kind and is being put on by the Multi-State Lottery Association, MUSL. MUSL is excited to add New Jersey to the line up of participating states. The raffle is expected to increase revenue for all participating states with little financial risk. This will be the best chance at winning $1 million with more than 15 $1 million winners.

So get ready for trick or treats from the New Jersey Lottery and the Halloween Millions Raffle.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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