Nebraska man claims $1 million from Powerball

A Nebraska man from Dorchester recently claimed a $1 million Powerball prize from the June 8 drawing.

Darold Kempston purchased his Powerball ticket for the June 1 drawing from Casey’s General Store on West 13th St in Crete, NE. He purchased a five-play ticket and one of his plays was lucky enough to win $1 million with Match 5. Kempston’s ticket matched the five white balls, but was unsuccessful in matching the red elusive Power Ball.

Kempston is the 6th $1 million winner in Nebraska since the Powerball updates from January 2012.

Kempston went to lottery headquarters to claim his prize first thing Monday after the drawing. This Nebraska man was excited to claim his first big lottery prize and beginning finding ways to enjoy his winnings.


The winning numbers for the June 8 drawing from the LotteryHUB app

Kempston checked the winning numbers on the Powerballl website, then checked over his five-play ticket to see if any of his matched the winning numbers. Kempston says winning came as a surprise, but albeit a good one.

Kempston plans to pay off his bills, and save the majority of his winnings. However, Kempston does have his eyes on a new truck he can now afford.


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Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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