Missouri woman celebrates lucky week with two wins

Mary Jane Hart of Doniphan, MO had one extremely lucky week. In one week she started a new job and won twice with the Missouri Lottery, selling her second winning ticket to herself.

Hart started a new job as a pharmacy technician last week. That Wednesday, she won $500 from the Powerball drawing. After just two happy coincidences, Hart had no idea her luck would continue.

Her lucky week came to a finale on Saturday, when she was working at her second job as a cashier at Hartland Pit Stop. After a day of selling tickets for the record jackpot, Hart bought herself a ticket for the $600 million Powerball drawing.

Hart picked her numbers based on her favorite NASCAR drivers, and her lucky drivers proved lucky and won her $1 million through Match 5. Hart is mostly excited to spend her winnings on more NASCAR races, now with an extra belief in her lucky drivers.

Hart plans to keep both of her jobs and feels very happy to win.

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Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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