Minnesota Raffle is Back!

Oct. 29, 2014 – The Minnesota Lottery began selling tickets for their annual Raffle yesterday, announcing along with the game’s launch that there would be more than 4,000 additional prizes up for grabs this year.

Just like Raffles of the past, there are a limited number of tickets being sold – just 700,000 – but as always that means you’ve got better odds of winning $1 million on Raffle than on any other game.

With two guaranteed $1 million prizes, your odds of becoming a millionaire are 1 in 350,000, and could be better if the tickets don’t sell out.

Players can buy tickets right up until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, 11:59 and 59 seconds is the cutoff time for Raffle sales.  However, if all of the tickets are sold out before that time, they’re gone for good – be sure to pick up your tickets early!

You wouldn’t want to miss your chance at one of more than 4,000 cash prizes or one of 38 awesome bonus prizes.

Along with the two million-dollar top prizes, players can also win one of five $100,000 prizes, one of five $25,000 prizes; there are 10 $10,000 prizes, 100 $500 prizes and, finally, 4,000 prizes worth $100.

Need a vacation or maybe a new car?  The cash prizes on this year’s Raffle will help, but if you win a bonus prize, you’ll be able to keep the cash and drive off into the sunset anyway.

The Lottery will be giving away three Ford vehicles, including a brand-new Mustang convertible.  They’ve also got 20 ways to get out of town – 10 “Luxury Vacation Packages,” and 10 “Travel Packages” – on top of gift cards, gas cards, shopping sprees and more.

Tickets for this year’s Raffle cost $10, but the odds of winning any of the prizes are great thanks to the extra 4,000 prizes.  Remember: don’t wait too long to pick up your ticket, they could sell out!

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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013