Minnesota Lottery Millionaire Raffle Winners Announced

Jan 2, 2014- The Minnesota Lottery announced the winners of their New Year’s Day Millionaire Raffle drawing around 10:15 pm January 1.

The raffle awarded two lucky players $1,000,000 prizes, five players with $100,000, five other players with $25,000, and 100 players with $500 prizes. The Lottery also added some bonus prizes to give away such as three brand new Ford vehicles, a luxury vacation, a travel package, gift cards, and more.

Tickets for the raffle went on sale October 29 and all 600,000 were sold out by December 16. With the chance at winning one million dollars being 1:300,000 it only makes sense they would sell out so quickly.

To get the list of winning ticket numbers, check out the Lottery’s website.

If you have a winning ticket the Lottery lists some quick and easy steps to claim your prize.
1. Sign the back of your ticket
2. Lottery retailers can pay the $500 cash prizes
3. Any Lottery claiming station can give away the $500-$25,000 prizes. Or they can be mailed.
4. The two new millionaires and Ford vehicle winners must claim their prize in person at the Lottery’s headquarters.
5. Other bonus prizes may be claimed in the Lottery claims offices.
6. Winners have until January 2, 2015 to claim any prizes.

The winning ticket numbers for Minnesota’s new millionaires are 077692 and 566227.

To see the full list of prizes, rules, and how to claim check the Minnesota Lottery’s Millionaire Raffle page.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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