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Feb. 21, 2014 – It’s been an exciting week for Powerball players, but if you’re thinking huge-jackpot action is over for a little while, a look at the Mega Millions jackpot value might make you think otherwise.

As we close out another week, Powerball resets to its’ starting point as Mega Millions nears $200 million.  Exciting game releases continued this week, and one lucky LotteryHUB Rewards player scored an awesome prize in one of our Rewards drawings Thursday.


Weekly Jackpot Update

Yes, the hype is over after one ticket sold near San Jose in California matched all six winning numbers in Wednesday night’s drawing.  That winner scored a $425 million estimated jackpot, and should they choose the lump-sum cash option, the winner will receive nearly $230 million.

The winning ticket was purchased in Milpitas, Calif., just outside of San Jose and only 12 miles from Jenny’s Gift Shop, where in December a Mega Millions jackpot-winning ticket was sold.  That winner split December’s $648 million Mega Millions jackpot with one other winner in Georgia.

National attention will be leaning towards Mega Millions now that the Powerball jackpot has reset to its $40 million starting point.  For tonight’s drawing, the Mega Millions jackpot sits at an estimated $172 million.  If nobody wins tonight’s jackpot, the prize could grow past $200 million.


Game News

For Powerball players hoping to win tickets to the Ultimate Tailgate Party through Powerball’s Ultimate Tailgate Party second chance promotion should check their state lottery websites.

Winners have been drawn in all 18 states participating in the Ultimate Tailgate promotion, and while each state lottery will likely contact winners directly using information provided with entries, players can check to see if they’ll be among the 200 contest winners heading to Cleveland for the Ultimate Tailgate.

For links to each state lottery’s Ultimate Tailgate webpage, read this post.

Players in Wisconsin and Minnesota will be excited to hear their states have joined several others in releasing $30 scratch-off tickets.  In both states’ new games the top prize is worth $1 million, and the games feature great odds of winning the top prize, as compared to other instant and draw game offerings.

Minnesota’s $30 scratch-off, Million Dollar Payday, offers players about a 1-in-360,000 shot of winning $1 million, and Instant Million, the new game in Wisconsin, has 1-in-150,000 odds of winning the million-dollar prize.

Oregon players looking to get in on the Oregon Lottery’s current Raffle, the St. Patrick’s Day Raffle, need to act quickly.  Though there are still weeks left before the March 17 drawing, only about 45,000 of the original 250,000 tickets remain – the game will likely be the twelfth consecutive Raffle sellout.

Finally, LotteryHUB’s own “game,” our LotteryHUB Rewards giveaways, made another lucky LotteryHUB fan a winner Thursday.  One winner was chosen to receive a $700 Macy’s Dream Shopping Spree.  So check your email LotteryHUB fans, you could be the winner.

Good luck in tonight’s Mega Millions drawing, and if you haven’t gotten a ticket yet, there’s still time.  Read this post to see how late you can buy Mega Millions tickets in your state.

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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013