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Oct. 25, 2013 – Changes, changes, and more changes in multi-state jackpot news this week, as Mega Millions unveiled its new format with resounding success, and it was announced that Powerball would be tweaking its Powerplay option early in 2014.

The big news in multi-state games started Tuesday night, as Mega Millions more than doubled the number of winners with the new drawing format, which sports odds of about 1 in 15 for winning any of the game’s nine prizes.

The Mega Millions jackpot did not fall, however, and stands at $65 million going into Friday’s drawing.

Powerball’s jackpot did reset this week, after a $213.4 million prize was won by a single ticket in California.  Ahead of Saturday’s drawing, the jackpot has reset to $40 million.

Reports from the Pennsylvania Lottery are the first indications that the multi-state giant, Powerball, will undergo relatively minor changes early in 2014.

The PowerPlay option, which is currently a fixed multiplier that affects different prize levels differently, will revert to its pre-2012 “variable multiplier” role, which in English means a separate drawing will determine the effect it has on prize values.

While the Pennsylvania Lottery spread word of Powerball’s upcoming change, lawmakers in the state are considering changes of their own.

A bill proposing a new scratch-off game is headed into the state’s House of Representatives for consideration.  The bill would break a more than 40-year-old tradition of lottery funds exclusively benefitting older Pennsylvanians by contributing profits from the scratch-off directly into the Veterans Trust Fund.

This week brought the first news of Halloween passing, as the Oregon Lottery sold out of its Halloween Raffle tickets more than a week ahead of the grand prize drawing.

Of course, as Halloween passes, the Holiday season approaches, and there is no shortage of Holiday scratch-offs, raffles, and winter-themed promotions.  Be sure to check your state lottery’s webpage for any Holiday spirit therein.

Either the $40 million Powerball or $65 million Mega Millions jackpot would ensure the most wrapping-paper filled of holidays, so don’t forget to pick up your tickets before sales close in your state.

Don’t forget you can catch every Powerball drawing live on your smartphone with the LotteryHUB mobile app, free for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.  Now through it’s first full week, competition is heating up in our LotteryHUB Rewards contests – be sure to check them out and enter into our drawings.


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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013