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After only four short months, LotteryHUB News has reached its 500th post.

LotteryHUB is your network for all things lottery. The LotteryHUB homepage provides lottery players from all over the country with instant access to winning lottery numbers from their favorite lotteries, including Powerball. The website launched May 7, and gave lottery players one place to access anything they want to know about their favorite lotteries. LotteryHUB is the only place that provides winning numbers, updated news, and exclusive videos for multiple state lotteries and multi-state games including Powerball.

Along with the website, LotteryHUB is also mobile with a free app available for both Android and Apple phones. The app is the only place to watch Live Powerball drawings on the go from your smartphone. The Android app has just been updated with custom channels for state lotteries, including content created right here at LotteryHUB News. The Android app also features live drawings, exclusive videos, and more for all lottery players to enjoy. The Apple app will be updated soon, giving Apple users access to the best from their favorite lotteries.

LotteryHUB News has been giving lottery players updates and information on their favorite lotteries since the first post on March 22. Since then, LotteryHUb News has been informing lottery players of new games, promotions, events and winners from their favorite state lotteries. Along with state lotteries, LotteryHUB News has provided updates on Powerball and MEga Millions including news of latest winners, jackpot amounts, and more. In recent months, LotteryHUB News has begun including information from international lotteries so everyone can look for their favorite games.

To anyone looking for more tips, tricks, and information on lotteries, LotteryHUB News offers Lottery Odds & Ends stories. These stories feature information on laws regarding lotteries, tips for winning, tips for playing, and more so every lottery player can be informed on how to play their favorite games.

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