Lottery winners share the wealth

Winning the lottery is a dream come true for anyone who plays the game. People hope they can use the winnings to pay their bills, help their business, buy expensive goods, or even follow their dreams. But some kind winners share their lottery winnings with friends, family and coworkers. Lately, sharing the wealth is a common theme with Powerball winners. Whether it is $1 million prize, or the jackpot, winners are happy to share.

Three sergeants in Fort Lee, VA won $1 million with their Powerball ticket on Mar 23. The men, Staff Sergeants Nathan Sutherland and David Jenkins and Sergeant First Class Robert Gallow shared a Powerball ticket, and won $1 million. The three officers were greeted with a special welcome at the Virginia Lottery headquarters. The officers were able to match the first 5numbers of the drawing, but failed to guess the Power ball correctly.

A group of Southern Florida Powerball winners have decided to share a portion of their winnings with the woman who sold them their ticket. A group of 12 realtors in Plantation, Florida won $1 million in an office lottery pool, and decided to share the wealth by giving the woman who sold their ticket some of their sum. The 12 winners have also agreed to share some of their winnings with a new coworker who opted out of the office pool.

The sharing spirit is all around Powerball lately. Pedro Quezada, winner of the $338 million jackpot, also agreed to help out his neighbors with some of his winnings. Quezada plans to help some neighbors pay rent in his small New Jersey community.

So who will win the next Powerball jackpot? And how will they spread the wealth? Watch the live drawing tonight on the Shoutz app to see if you won!

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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