Last Minute Gift Ideas from LotteryHUB

Dec 23, 14 Last Minute Gift Ideas from LotteryHUB

Dec. 23, 2014 – If you haven’t gotten your holiday shopping done yet, you’re a bit behind the curve.  Not to worry: we’ve put together some great last-minute gift ideas… but you might need to hit the jackpot to deliver before the holiday season is over.

It’ll take a lot of luck, but there’s still a chance.  For Powerball and Mega Millions players there are still two drawings until Christmas, and then four more before New Year’s Day.  If you win, just tell your family their gifts are on back-order, they’ll understand.

It’s not like #1 is going to fit under the tree anyway…


Buy a Water Park for the Kids


Like a gateway to happiness.

OK, so depending where you live this gift could depend on the seasons, but we’re not ruling out every kid’s dream: the indoor water park.

Water slides have always been a summertime trademark, whether they’re the exciting and well-built contraptions at amusement parks, or the death-defying stack of pool noodles and jungle-gym equipment kids pile together next to a backyard pool, nothing beats the heat and gives a thrill like a water park.

For a big winner, endless fun wouldn’t be all too expensive either.  Even larger parks are listed at one to two million dollars, though we’re pretty sure the insurance and the water bills are a bit steeper.

Instead of worrying about all that, why not get your water-based thrills on the open ocean…


Get Dad a Boat… and a Car

Strand Craft 122 and matching Supercar

Only 6 were made and all of them were camera-shy, so we settled for the artist’s rendering of the Strand Craft 122

A lot of holiday car advertisements are aimed at women, or at least aimed at men who might be considering buying a car for the special lady.

Why?  I don’t know.  Break the stereotype this year and get these sleek (but very manly) gifts for your pops, and I guarantee he won’t think the bow on top of the car is cheesy or girly.

He’ll probably be too busy picking his jaw up off the floor.

This beautiful combo is the Strand Craft 122 – a 122-foot super yacht – which comes with a matching, custom-built supercar.  Under the hood of the car: a V12.  Hiding under the rear deck of the yacht: 14,000 horsepower.

For the motor-head in your life, go big on land and sea.


Give Mom a Piece of Royalty


Big things come in little, shiny, expensive packages.

Here it is, the one gift on our list that would fit under the tree this year: Diamonds.  They’re a girl’s best friend, they’re forever, and kisses start with them… sort of.

The stone pictured above may be cubic zirconium which, though chemically the same, is definitely not the same.

With diamonds, it’s actually the slight imperfections that can make the stone – signs that Mother Nature made it, instead of some scientist.

But to really “wow” that special someone, find a “potentially internally flawless” stone like the one that once belonged to Elizabeth Taylor.

Christie’s New York, a high-end auction house, estimated Taylor’s diamond ring was worth $2.5 to $3.5 million before it sold for more than $8 million at auction.

That could probably cover gifts of jewelry for a while, and that leaves just one person on the shopping list.


Give your Daughter the Doll House of Dreams

World's most expensive doll house

The great room of the world’s most expensive doll house, this is just one part of a massive complex that separates into 200 individual pieces


For some little ladies this year, the holiday wish list will include a doll house or a pony.  Maybe that’s just a stereotype, but if your daughter still loves Barbies, she’ll go bonkers over what is likely the world’s most expensive dollhouse.

The mansion – no the complex – took more than 100 workers to assemble after it was designed by silent film star Colleen Moore.

Estimates on the cost of this doll house are a ridiculous $500,000.  The last thing you needed was another mortgage, so how about one on a house you can’t even fit into.

Of course, that estimate is just what experts guess the house is worth.  It’s currently on display in Chicago, at the Museum of Science and Industry, and is not for sale.

But that’s what jackpot wins are for, right?  Buying things that aren’t for sale, things so exclusive that only a handful exist, or stuff that’s made a mark on history.

Personally, I’m still dreaming about the waterpark.

Happy Holidays!

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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013



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