Keno plans cause concerns for Kentucky lawmakers

The Kentucky Lottery plans to introduce Keno games to their game offerings, but it is met with concerns from Kentucky lawmakers.

Keno games give players a chance to enjoy the fun of a draw game with the instant gratification of a scratch-off card. These popular games are available from various lotteries including Michigan, Georgia, Ohio, Oregon, Massachusetts, and more! Keno games are played at most lottery vendors and are drawn every few minutes, with winners from each round of drawings.

The Kentucky Lottery introduced the idea of Keno earlier this year. The Kentucky Lottery believes a Keno game will raise revenue for the lottery, giving them more chances to provide funds for Kentucky Commonwealth.

Kentucky Lawmakers are wary of the new game, believing it may increase gambling addicts through out the state. The Kentucky Lottery ensures that this is not their goal. The Kentucky Lottery offers help for anyone who may suffering from a gambling addiction, or may be seeking help for gambling problems.

Lottery officials believe the game could generate as much as $30 million in revenue for the state over 5 years. This would help the state manage funds for all entities in need more easily.

Do you think Kentucky should allow for Keno games? For more information on Keno plans for the Kentucky Lottery, checkout their website.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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