It’s the Invasion of halloween at the Oregon Lottery

The Oregon Lottery has been taken over by zombies, ghosts, and raffles as it prepares for Halloween.

With the beginning of fall state lotteries are gearing up for Halloween with games, raffles and more. Among these states is the Oregon Lottery, with three ways to celebrate this ghoulish holiday.

Explore a haunted mansion with the Oregon Video Lottery Game Mystery Manor. This Video Lottery game lets you play the slot machine-styled game with a spooky theme. Match all five pieces across and you could win. If you match three of the bone-chilling pictures, you win. Match the portraits on the wall for more ways to win. This spooky game will have you spinning to play more.

If you favor a scratch-off, get ready to run from zombies. The $2 Zombies! The Dash for Cash from the Oregon Lottery lets you prepare to battle zombies for a chance to win up to $13,000. To play, match any of YOUR SYMBOLS with a WINNING SYMBOL and win the prize amount for that symbol. If you reveal a “pumpkin” symbol, you win that prize instantly. If you reveal a “zombie” symbol, win double that prize. The chances of winning any prize ranging from $2 to $13,000 are 1 in 3.77.

For even more ways to get your tricks and treats this Halloween season, play the Oregon Lottery Halloween Raffle for a chance to win $1 million. Beginning Sept 8, you can purchase a $10 Halloween Raffle ticket at your nearest Oregon Lottery retailer. Once you have your ticket, sign the back and keep it in a safe place until the drawing on Oct 31. There will only be 250,000 tickets sold, so don’t wait until it’s too late. The Halloween Raffle will award 1,000  $100 prizes, and 10 $20,000 prizes. There will also be one $1 million winner. The chances depend on the number of tickets sold. So don’t let any other ghosts, goblins, or vampires take all the tickets. Get your tickets starting Sept 8.

For more ghostly offerings from the Oregon Lottery, check out their website.


Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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