Illinois Liquor Store excited to have sold winning ticket

After winning $2 million from the March 16 Powerball drawing, David Ruiz went to celebrate at the liquor store that sold him his winning ticket.

Armanetti’s Wine and Spirits in Franklin Park, IL sold Ruiz his Powerball ticket that ended up winning him $2 million. When it was time to receive his winnings, Ruiz returned to the store that sold him his winnings.

Ruiz has been playing the lottery daily for 30 years and always felt he was going to win at some point, he just never expected to win so much. After taxes, Ruiz will walk away with $1.4 million.

Armanetti’s owner, Farhan Abdallah, is excited to have sold the winning ticket. Since his store provided the ticket, they will receive $20,000, or 1% of the awarded prize.

Abdallah is thankful to get some help to get his small business off the ground, and Ruiz is glad his ticket was able to help out his community.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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