Illinois Law Will Keep Lottery Winnings from Parents Who Don’t Pay Their Child Support

In an effort to help children and families, the Illinois Legislature has passed a law that will take gambling and lottery winnings from deadbeat parents who neglect to pay their child support. This law went into effect on August 2, 2013.

Parents who fail to pay their child support payments will not be able to receive any winnings from horse races, lottery tickets, or any other forms of legal gambling in the state of Illinois. Senator Darin LaHood is currently sponsoring a law that will give all winnings of deadbeat parents over $1,200 back to the state. This money will then go to the parents who are not receiving their child support payments from the lottery or gambling winner.

LaHood has received support on his bill from Governor Pat Quinn. LaHood expects more than $1 million to go back to the families who are owed child support within the first year of the program. Illinois’ new law follows in the footsteps of Indiana, which passed a similar law 3 years prior. The Indiana law has helped more than 16 families get paid in full, with hundreds more currently receiving their benefits.

This law comes in an effort to get the parents to pay the amounts they owe in child support. In Illinois alone, a total of $3.1 billion is collectively owed in child support. The state of Illinois currently has multiple efforts geared towards getting deadbeat parents to pay their dues. Currently, hunting and fishing licenses are withheld from parents who owe child support. In addition, the Illinois government attempts to shame parents into paying. They operate a website titled that displays parents who are neglecting to help their children.

Now the state hopes by withholding gambling winnings, more parents will become more apt to paying their child support. These parents have, until now, been able to continue to neglect their payments while still receiving money from gambling sources, including the Illinois Lottery.

This law was signed into place on August 12, 2013, making Illinois the largest state with a law of this nature. It went into effect immediately following its signing to begin benefitting families neglected by deadbeat parents all over the state.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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