How to win with Powerball

Saturday’s drawing brought in 1 jackpot winner as well as 7.5 million other winners. With so many winners, here is a guide on how to win if you play Powerball.

Saturday’s drawing brought in a record jackpot, more players, more hype and more winners. The winning ticket was sold in Florida, but there are other winners who want to know how much they can get for wining with Powerball.

Powerball boasts 9 different ways to win with their game, with the lowest possible prize being $4. So how can you win and what can you expect to win?

If your ticket matches the first 5 numbers, but not the Power Ball, you can win 1$1 million. If your ticket matches 4 of the numbers as well as the Power Ball, you win $10,000. If you are only able to match 4, you win $100. If you match 3 plus the Power Ball, you win $100. If you match 3 without the Power Ball, you win $7. If you match 2 with the Power Ball you win $7. If you match one and the Power ball, you win $4. And if you only match the Power Ball, you win $4.

Players who use Power Play can expect most of the prizes to be higher. Power Play doubles most of the prizes. The only prizes not doubled include Match 4 + the Power Ball ,which brings the winnings to $40,000, and matching one with the Power Ball or just the Powerball ,which brings the winnings to $12.

For more information on how to win with Powerball, check out their prizes page.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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