Hoosier Lottery’s Million Dollar Holiday Giveaway

Nov. 6, 2013 – The Hoosier Lottery this week introduced five new holiday-themed tickets, getting in the holiday spirit now that Halloween (and the Halloween Raffle) is over.

The new tickets range in price from $1 to $10 and went on sale in Hoosier Lottery retailers Tuesday.  Players have already begun claiming prizes on the new tickets, though all of the top prizes are still available.

The new $1 ticket is called Holiday $50s, and players can win as much as $500.  The game has overall odds of about 1 in 4.9, and there is more than $3.3 million in prize money waiting to be won.

The Hoosier Lottery’s holiday-themed $2 game is called Holiday Winnings, which boasts more than $5.7 million in prizes.  The game has about 1 in 4.7 odds, and is offering 12 top prizes worth $20,000.

For $5, players can try to find some extra cash with Year End Bonus, the new game offering six top prizes worth $125,000 and overall odds better than 1 in 4.

The highest-priced ticket, the $10 Million Dollar Holiday, sports overall odds better than 1 in 4, and has three $1 million top prizes waiting to be won by lucky players.

One of those three $1 million top prizes can’t be won on the scratch-off though, it’s being reserved for the Hoosier Lottery’s Million Dollar Holiday Giveaway second-chance promotion.

Players with non-winning Million Dollar Holiday or Year End Bonus tickets can enter them into a special second chance promotion that will feature a total of six drawings.

In the first five drawings, 50 players will each win $500 prizes.  Those $500 prizes are being reserved in the Year End Bonus game’s prize pool.  The lottery will reserve 250 of more than 1,300 Year End Bonus fourth prizes for second-chance winners.

The sixth and final drawing, the Grand Prize drawing, will award one lucky winner with a special, $1 million holiday gift.  That gift will be a bit late, though – players have until March 23 to enter into the Grand Prize drawing.

The entry period for the first Million Dollar Holiday Giveaway drawing closes just before midnight Nov. 24, so get your Million Dollar Holiday or Year End Bonus tickets and start entering the non-winners.  Million Dollar Holiday tickets will be worth two entries into a drawing, while Year End Bonus tickets will be worth a single entry.

Players will need to log in or sign up for the Hoosier Lottery’s “mylottery” online players club, which is free to join.  For a full list of rules and the closing dates for each entry period, check out the Million Dollar Holiday giveaway webpage on the Hoosier Lottery’s website

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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013