Happy Cyber Monday

Dec 01, 14 Happy Cyber Monday

Dec. 1, 2014 – So… done any work today?

Or have you instead spent the day furiously clicking between the best deals the Internet can muster?  It is Cyber Monday, after all, and shoppers could spend more than $2 billion online this year.

What deals have you found?  Whatever they might be, you’ve no doubt run into a few things that even a big sale can’t make affordable.. unless that $90 million Powerball ticket from Saturday is sitting in your cookie jar.

Maybe it is, maybe it’s not.  Either way, it doesn’t hurt to dream.  Below you’ll find some of the most outrageous things on sale in some of Cyber Monday’s most popular shopping categories.


Clothing & Accessories

Believe it or not, the Internet-centered shopping “holiday” is actually mostly about clothes.  You know, those things you don’t technically have to wear while shopping from home on Cyber Monday?

That means it’s the perfect time to score a pair of $1,850 boots for $1,000, or maybe a new watch, or that new suit you needed two years ago

Red Boot

…to go with your suit.

For the ultra-rich and the jackpot winners among us, however, Cyber Monday is the perfect time for a new fur coat or maybe a $100,000 locket

Better than boots, probably

Better than boots, probably

That little locket is in this year’s Neiman Marcus holiday fantasy catalog, and it’s not just a pile of rocks: the “fantasy” part of the deal – and probably most of the $100,000 price tag – is a trip to Germany and the chance to design the locket with a famous jewelry designer.

So, it’s not exactly a ship-to-your-front-door Cyber Monday gift, but who cares?


Consumer Electronics

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big on TV.  Big on BIG TV’s too, as you already know if you’ve been in a Walmart or Target at 4 a.m., watching 62-inch behemoths ring up for just less than $1,000.

But big box stores have nothing on Amazon.com’s TV selection.  If you’re looking for the best deal on Cyber Monday, you can find awesome TVs for half their normal price.

But if you’re looking for the best in quality, or maybe just the biggest screen or even the price tag to brag about, you need a 105-inch 4k television.

Also known as life-size TV, or a wall.

Also known as life-size TV, or a wall.

The curved screen and ultra-high-def 4k video put this TV right on the cutting edge of technology – just don’t forget it’s a screen and Wile E. Coyote yourself through it.

You wouldn’t want to try to walk through a $120,000 television.


Computers and Video Games

Finally, Cyber Monday lives up to its name in the computer/video game portion of your online shopping day.  While the tech-savvy are looking for hard drives and the gamers are checking out deals on the hottest new games, we went looking for a truly life-changing piece of equipment.

It’s safe to say there is no Cyber Monday deal on the world’s most expensive laptop, but what better day to call and schedule your appointment with Luvaglio.

Luvaglio laptop

“Leapord-skin laptop. Sure, we do that!”

That little laptop will set you back $1 million.  Luckily not every one comes wrapped in gaudy fur, though we won’t hold it against you if that’s what you’re into.

Instead, the $1 million price tag gives you the opportunity to custom-design your Luvaglio laptop; you can choose any material for the outside case (water probably won’t work.)

Then, when you lift the lid, you’ll get to pick out the jewels that adorn the keyboard area. There’s apparently even a diamond that doubles as a security device, because safety is cool.

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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013



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