Go fish with the Minnesota lottery

Do you have fishing fever? Enter with the Minnesota Lottery for a chance to win a summer fishing getaway and go fish!

The Minnesota Lottery is now offering Fishing Fever scratch-offs with a grand prize of $100,000. Now to go with the outdoors spirit of Minnesota, the Minnesota Lottery is giving fishing nethusiasts a Second Chance to win with Fishing Fever.

Two lucky Second Chance winners will each receive a voucher from McQuoid’s Inn on Lake Mille Lacs in Isle Minnesota, as well as a Visa Gift Card and more Fishing Fever scratch-off tickets. THe winners will enjoy a summer getaway to either enjoy sitting back and reeling in some fish, or just taking in the beauty of Minnesota.

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Fishing Fever Scratch-Ogg Ticket


Fishing Fever is a $5 scratch-off offered through the Minnesota Lottery.

To Enter the Fishing Fever Second Chance Giveaway, login to your Lucky MN account online and enter any non-winning Fishing Fever scratch-off tickets. You can enter using the 10-digit validation number on the front of the non-winning tickets.

Be sure to enter non-winning tickets between now and June 4 for a chance to go fish with the Minnesota Lottery. The grand prize is valued at $1,000, and second place is valued at $625.

So enter non-winning tickets on the Fishing Fever Giveaway Page for a chance to win a Minnesota Summer Getaway.




Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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