Go Back to School with the lottery

With summer over, students all over the United States are heading back to school. And your state lottery is helping them receive the best possible education.

Many state lotteries benefit different state entities including outdoors, safety, the elderly, and more. Among many of the beneficiaries are education. Education is the most common of all lottery beneficiaries due to to its high importance in determining our future.

So as our kids are heading back to school ,it is a good time to thank your state lottery for the help they give to make education better for all.

Arizona Lottery: In the 2012 Fiscal Year, the Arizona Lottery transferred more than $74.2 million to help support education and health education.

Arkansas Lottery: The Arkansas Lottery provides scholarship funds for students entering college who show excellence in education.

California Lottery: Since 1985, the California Lottery has given more than $25 billion in funding for education.

Florida Lottery: In 2012, the Florida Lottery transferred more than $1.31 billion to education, making it the eleventh time funds have passed the $1 billion mark.

Georgia Lottery: In the 2012 fiscal year, the Georgia Lottery raised an average $2.4 million per day for HOPE and Pre-K programs in the state.

Idaho Lottery: The Idaho Lottery began the Scratch for Schools program in 2001 and since then has raised more than $567,875 for public education.

Illinois Lottery: Since its inception, the Illinois Lottery has raised more than $17 billion for education.

Kentucky Lottery: Since 1999 the Kentucky Lottery has given more than $1.8 billion to its educational programs: Kentucky Education Excellence Scholarship, College Access Program, and Kentucky Tuition Grants.

Michigan Lottery: The Michigan Lottery has given more than $600 million in 13 of the last 15 years to help the School Aid Fund.

Missouri Lottery: Since its inception, the Missouri Lottery and has given more than $4 billion to public education, including $280 million in 2012.

Nebraska Lottery: In its 20 years of operations, the Nebraska Lottery has provided $151,235,819 for the Education Innovation Fund.

New Hampshire Lottery: The New Hampshire Lottery has raised more than $1.5 billion for school funds since 1964.

New Jersey: The New Jersey Lottery provides funds for healthy lunches, special needs students, school construction, college tuition grants, and more to help New Jersey students ahieve high education.

New Mexico Lottery: The New Mexico Lottery provides scholarships for excelling students with the help of the Legislative Lottery Scholarships program.

New York Lottery: The New York Lottery contributed $3.04 billion in fiscal year 2012-2013 for education in the state.

North Carolina Lottery: The North Carolina Lottery promises to help education with programs that fund Pre-K, help for at risk kids, teacher salaries, and more to give students the best education possible.

Ohio Lottery: The Ohio Lottery recognizes exemplary schools, students, and teachers to ring light to those bettering education for all.

Oklahoma Lottery: Funds raised by the Oklahoma Lottery help build schools, provide better equipment, tuition grants and loans, teacher salaries, and more to help students excel in Oklahoma.

South Carolina: More than $2.34 billion has been given to higher education and scholarships by the South Carolina Lottery since its inception.

Tennessee Lottery: The Tennessee Lottery provides funds for scholarships to students who show excellence in academics.

Texas Lottery: The Texas Lottery has given an average of $1 billion to education each year for the past 15 years.

Vermont Lottery: The Vermont Lottery has given more than $22.3 million to education since 1998.

Virginia Lottery: The Virginia Lottery has helped public education since 1999, with more than $1.6 billion generated in 2012 alone.

West Virginia Lottery: Since 1986 the West Virginia Lottery has given over $2.5 billion to fund education.

Thanks to these lotteries, students all over the country are heading back to school with the knowledge that they are receiving the best possible education.

All the states listed here specifically fund education or educational programs. In addition to these states, many state lotteries give to the General Fund. In most states, money in the General Fund is distributed where it is needed, often including education.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

The LotteryHUB News team collaborated to provide this article for our readers. As always, good luck with your next bet! We’re always here to keep you on top of your game.