Get your fantasy football team together with the Montana Lottery

Get your line up set and get ready for some football! Play fantasy football with the Montana Lottery and get ready to win!

Football season is upon us and that can mean only one thing: time to set your line up for your fantasy league. Fantasy football gives sports fans the chance to create their perfect teams and play against their friends. The Montana Lottery is giving football fans a chance to combine their favorite things about fantasy football and the lottery: winning! Set your fantasy football league through the Montana Lottery and you could win cash every week.

Once a week, the NFL updates their team rosters with which players are active, injured, traded, or out. You can find the updated roster at any Montana Sports Action retailer, or go to the Roster tab on the Montana Lottery Fantasy Football page. Once the rosters are updated, it’s time to set your lineup!¬†Go to your nearest Montana Sports Action Retailer to get started on your fantasy league.

There are two ways to play with the Montana Lottery. You can either complete a play slip and have your Montana Sports Action retailer enter it, or use one of the self-service terminals. Montana Sports Action locations can be found here.

To create your team, pick 5 active players to make up your team as well as a defensive unit. The positions to choose from include a Quarterback (QB), Running Back (RB), Wide Receiver (WR), Tight End (TE), Kicker (K), and your Defensive Unit. The Defensive Unit is represented by 2 numbers. These numbers indicate which team’s defense you are using. The 5 offensive positions are represented by 4 numbers: the first 2 numbers correspond to the team, while the last 2 correspond to the player’s jersey number. You can update your team every Tuesday after the rosters are updated.

Once you pick a team, you pick a wager from $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100. You are awarded points based on the performance of your players and defensive unit. You can pick a new team each week, and win more money each week you play fantasy football.

So get your team together and get ready for some fantasy football with the Montana Lottery this football season.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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