Get help for gambling addiction

Many people suffer from a gambling addiction. Whether it is you or someone you know in trouble, your state lottery is there to offer help and guidance for you or anyone you know who may need help.

A recent article by Medical Daily brought to light an issue in Ohio where most people calling the gambling addiction hotline were seeking assistance when gambling, not help for an addiction. According to the article, the Ohio Lottery and Gambling Addiction Hotline reported that roughly 54% of the calls in the last year were “not applicable.” Most people calling the hotline wanted information on lottery numbers, casinos, and other tips for gambling. This has prompted the Ohio Lottery begin all calls to the hotline with a recorded message informing callers the purpose of the hotline.

What is Problem Gambling?

Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling is the urge to continuously play the odds, despite the negative effects it has on your life. Gambling addictions can affect anyone who bets on sports games, races, casino games, lotteries, and more. Gambling problems can negatively impact your life, whether it is financially, personally, or through your health. Many who suffer from problem gambling do unspeakable things, including stealing and betting money they don’t have. Problem gambling can affect anyone, and the first step to overcoming is to recognize your issue and seek help.

Gambling Addiction is a form of impulse-control disorder, and is considered a pathological disorder. Many associate problem gambling with an addictive disorder as well. In either case, causes the impulse to gamble as something the person cannot control and often times leads to detrimental outcomes. Some problem gamblers do not play everyday, but when they do it causes severe financial and personal problems.

Identifying with a compulsive gambling addiction, or identifying whether or not you have a problem is easy. People who have a gambling problem: have trouble controlling their gambling, feel the need to hide their habits, gamble when they don’t have money, and show extreme stress and irritation about gambling and money. If you or someone you know appears to have a problem with gambling, help them seek help.

Getting help:

There are a number of ways to get help for any compulsive disorder. Problem gambling help is available in many ways.

Support groups are a great way to find help and hear what helped other people with the same issues. Therapy is another great way to seek assistance on how to deal with your issues and how to overcome them. Whether you choose therapy or a support group, the most important factor is continuing to better yourself and work to avoid situations where you will be tempted.

State lotteries are there to help.

Lotteries know that some people can develop compulsive issues when playing their games. For this reason, many lotteries provide gambling addiction hotlines for players to contact if they need help.

It is the goal of every state lottery to provide fun ways to win as well as benefit their state through various beneficiary programs. Lotteries do not want anyone playing their games to develop an unhealthy problem, and they strive to offer assistance if needed. If you are interested in how your state lottery provides assistance, feel free to search their site for information on Playing Responsibly and Problem Gambling Assistance.

Playing the lottery should be a fun experience. If you or someone you know has a gambling addiction, you can reach out to the National Council on Problem Gambling, or seek help from your state lottery.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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