Georgia Lottery turns 20

In 1993, the Georgia Lottery began with people already lined to play games and hopefully win money. Now the Georgia Lottery is turning 20, and has been a part of many great things in Georgia.

In its first week, the Georgia Lottery sold over 53 million tickets, making it the most successful lottery opening ever. Since 1993, sales have reached more than $45 billion. IN that time, over $14 billion have gone towards public education in Georgia as a way to help students in kindergarten through high school succeed and receive HOPE Scholarships.

The Georgia Lottery boasts its instant scratch games. offering between 40 and 45 games at any different time, along with online and computerized games. There are over 8,000 lottery retailers in Georgia, all offering all the Georgia Lottery has.

The Georgia Lottery PRE-K program provides free public preschool for more than a million 4-year-olds all across Georgia. The program helps kids begin learning before entering kindergarten, which helps them develop skills to prepare for Kindergarten. The Pre-K program helps kids transition more smoothly from being home to becoming students.

Congratulations to the Georgia Lottery for 20 amazing years and thank you for helping better schools and students all across Georgia.

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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