B.C. Winner Bill Erb Helps Father in Need

July 1, 2013 – Bob Erb, who won a $25 million Lotto Max prize with the British Columbia Lottery last November, made headlines last year with a spree of charitable donations in his hometown of Terrace, B.C.

Last week, the man who pledged that all of his lottery-win-fueled philanthropy would be staying in Terrace made a $10,000 exception.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Erb and his girlfriend, Jenny, were traveling to Saskatchewan to bury Erb’s father’s ashes when they stopped for lunch at the Old West Express.

Cliff Luther, the owner of the restaurant, said that small talk eventually led to his telling Erb that his 25-year-old daughter, who lives in British Columbia, had been diagnosed with cancer only hours before the millionaire stopped for a bite.

On his return trip a few days later, Erb stopped in at the Old West Express again and ordered another burger, some fries, and a pen.

After losing his 26-year-old son almost five years ago, Erb told the Sun that he could relate to Luther’s story.  So he took Luther’s pen and cut him a check for $10,000, saying “you can take the bill out of that.”

Erb told the Sun that Luther was “so overwhelmed…that I ended up having to flip my own burger.”

Luther told the Sun that when he handed him the check, Erb told him “if you need to get out there quickly, this will help you.”

“It’s really lifted my spirits,” Luther said.  “You think: ‘Why would someone do that for somebody they don’t even know?'”

“There are just some really caring people out there.”

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Written by Matt Isaacs

Matt is the Editorial Manager for the LotteryHUB News Team. Matt graduated from Rutgers University’s School of Journalism and Media Studies in May 2013