Dream Wins Waiter Half of Euro Millions Prize

Jul 17, 14 Dream Wins Waiter Half of Euro Millions Prize

July 17, 2014 – In what was surely a strange case for all involved, a judge in York, England this week awarded half of a million-pound Euro Millions win to a waiter who dreamed of the big win.

Faith Ozcan said he dreamt of holding a bundle of cash while his boss stood in front of him.  The dream – or premonition – was enough to convince Ozcan that he and his boss had to play the Euro Millions Lottery the next day.

Ozcan said he “pestered” his boss, Hayati Kucokkoylu, until Kucokkoylu agreed to play the lottery with Ozcan.

Ozcan then went to a supermarket nearby and bought the ticket.  However, once the ticket won a million-pound prize, Kucokkoylu claimed the prize all for himself, reasoning that it was his win, since money from the restaurant’s cash register paid for the ticket.

That reasoning didn’t hold up in court.

Judge Mark Gosnell ruled that while Kucokkoylu’s cash may have paid for the ticket, it was Ozcan’s dream – and subsequent “pestering” – that convinced the two to play together.

In that way, Gosnell reasoned the pair had entered into the lottery together, and Ozcan had as much a right to the winnings as Kucokkoylu.

“Mr. Ozcan is a strong believer in the power of dreams and interpreted this to mean that he and Mr. Kucokkoylu would win the lottery,” Gosnell said.

“I cannot see why he would be so determined to make his employer play if he was not directly to benefit,” Gosnell said.  “Mr. Ozcan pestered his boss into playing the lottery with him… they contributed equally to the purchase price of the ticket.”

Written by LotteryHUB News Staff Writers

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